Welcome to the Writing Tips page. Here is where I hope you will find articles that I have written that will help you overcome some roadblocks you have regarding writing, or just to learn a new tip or two. If you have any suggestions for future article topics related to writing, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


Novel Writing Tips: Character Backstory (02/10/2016) *NEW*
Spotlight on Poetry: Sonnet (10/09/2015)
Spotlight on Poetry: Ode (9/24/2015)
Tools of the Trade (9/22/2015)
Entering the Mindset to Write (9/05/2015)
Novel Writing Tips: Brevity vs Details (9/01/2015)
Time to Write (8/6/2015)
Writing Poll (8/4/2015)
Novel Writing Tips: Plotlines (7/30/2015)
Novel Writing Tips: Character Development (7/29/2015)
Be Who You Are (7/28/2015)
10 Tips for Novel Writing (7/28/2015)


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