Welcome to my poetry page. Here I will list a collection of my poems for your enjoyment. Please feel free to comment on the poems. Let me know what you like, what you don’t like, share your analysis on form and/or content, and leave any other comments on each poem.

An Ode to Stress (9/01/2015) *NEW*
Blended (8/31/2015)
Transformation (8/30/2015)
Blanket and Thumb (8/28/2015)
Mental Gehenna (8/28/2015)
One Less Day (8/27/2015)
Make Believe (8/26/2015)
Madness Mine (8/25/2015)
Time (8/11/2015)
The Waffle (8/11/2015)
Clockwork Wight (8/13/2015)
Beginnings (8/13/2015)
Ribbonmonkeys (8/14/2015)
Gaze of the Moon (8/14/2015)
*C* (8/15/2015)
The Tezirite Mirror (8/5/2015)
Mourningveil (8/5/2015)
Dirt In My Hand (8/5/2015)
To the Eye (8/6/2015)
Shattered Glass (8/6/2015)
Hatefire (8/16/2015)
Kissing the Lips of Darkness (8/15/2015)
Understanding (8/12/2015)
Lonely Moon (8/12/2015)


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