I just finished reading The Prince’s ParishPP, by Joshua Robertson. It’s a five chapter short story within a medieval church setting. No particular religion is mentioned as it is a fictional fantasy.

The strongest point of the story is the characters. I didn’t see a whole lot of development throughout the story (although there were some changes) but they were well-developed from the start. Each character had a distinct personality which made them memorable. Some characters earned my hatred, my pity, my admiration, and yes, my hope in humanity. I’ve seen these characters in my real-life adventures (i.e. day-to-day living) but with different names.

As for weak points, it’s hard to pin down an actual plot with this type of short story. An event happens and we see how the characters react to the outcome. That’s not the author’s fault – it’s just the nature of this type of writing. Comparing to The Name of Death, by the same author, the plot in this one isn’t a major player.

The writing style is easy to follow and understand. There is a bit of humor. There is conflict. All these are great elements to include as part of the story.

All this said, I very much enjoyed reading the Prince’s Parish and I’d recommend it to others. Probably not to young children. Especially at night.


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