I’m starting a new daily series called Q of the Day. On Mondays I’ll ask a “who” question. Tuesdays will play host to a “what” question. “When” questions awaken on Wednesdays while Thursday prompts will be “where”. Fridays follow with a “why”. “How” will show up on Saturday or Sunday, if I’m feeling ambitious.

I’d encourage you to reply either in the comments on my blog,  on my Facebook page,  or to my tweet. So without further delay, today’s question:

Why do you read stories?


7 thoughts on “Q of the Day

  1. I read stories for many reasons, but here are some. As a writer, I read them to improve my writing. As a corporate person, I read them to escape. As a critic, I read them to find what makes each writer and story special. All of those things are really important to my reading, and I wish I had much more time for it!

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  2. I read stories to feel. It might sound strange, but I’m particular about what I read. If I pick up a book and words just flow I’ll read it. I’m very much after experiencing a strong emotion and perspective. The world is full of attention grabbing nonsense, I want to know what it meant for you, not what you think I’d like.

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  3. Plain and simple: I’m bored.
    Bear with me for a second, cause there is nothing more urgent, than missing stimuli – for me, that is. After all, I’m (hard)wired to love stories and to look for them everywhere. At night, my brain tells itself stories, aka dreams. It is made to recognize patterns and problems and to come up with solutions. The lack of problems and patterns triggers search behavior, caused by stress and anxiety. For me, there never was a time, when stories couldn’t calm me.


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