Adventurer’s Journal – Day 7:
We awoke from our rest and felt like we could take on the world. The only problem was that Pimzul was gone. We mourned his loss. We placed the obligatory marker for his demise, and we pressed on. A few minutes later, we heard footsteps slapping the floor behind us. We readied our weapons to attack this charging beast, when Pimzul appeared before us (he’s a wizard, he does that kind of thing).

“Guys, where are you going? Why’d you leave without me?” he asked.

“We thought this spot was haunted and that undead spirits sucked you into the void in a fate worse than death!”

“No, I’m fine,” he smartly replied.

“Well, where’d you go?”

“I had to relieve myself. I didn’t want to do it here in front of a lady.”

We continued on our way, a bit embarrassed at the conclusion we had jumped to. It hadn’t even made sense. We had to backtrack a few times but eventually we reached a staircase that led up, and up, and up…

When we reached the top, we were shocked by what we saw!

Thanks for reading! If you are interested, my novel Winter’s Bite is available on Kindle for $2.99 (or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers). The paperback is now available for $9.99! Stay tuned for the next part of the misfit adventures tomorrow!


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