Adventurer’s Journal – Day 6:
The air smelled staler to the north, and we could sense no breezes coming from that direction, so we decided to travel south. We noticed the water had begun to flow into the hallway, but it was not quite a quarter of an inch. We hurried anyway. Hopefully we won’t have to retrace our steps.

Our next setback came when we followed the curve of the tunnel and came face to face with a grate blocking the passage. “Oh, great,” Grog quipped. He stood there grinning as we all turned to look at him. None of us were amused. Grog tried to redeem himself by taking hold of the grate and trying to pull it free. The muscles in his arms and neck bulged but the grate would not budge. Strike two for the poor barbarian.

Shelkiener felt around the walls and edges of the grate to see if there was a hidden catch to release it, but he found none. We heard splashing from the tunnel behind us. Grog sat down and muttered, “I guess we just wait and drown to death.”

“That was redundant,” came Mysty’s response. “Pimzul, can you cast a spell to blast the darn thing out of our way?”

“One Force Shunt spell, coming right up,” he exclaimed, as I held a hand out before him, stopping him from his spell preparations..

“Do you want to bring the entire maze down upon us?”

We knew our tempers were wearing thin and so we lapsed into a brooding silence as we all tried to think of a way out. Here came the water from around the corner; just a small amount, like when Grog spilled his ale on the table back in old Bradelyn’s Tavern. They needed a couple towels to sop it up, but Grog had mentioned grabbing some bread for dipping. Anyway, this was sort of like that, but much less humorous, as we were going to die, and we hadn’t been drinking.

As the water passed beneath our feet and continued through the grate, it flowed over a discolored section of the floor, and the grate released. We rushed through but heard a louder roaring coming from behind us. We noticed the water was pouring through, ankle deep now. We wondered how much more water would come through. We continued along to the west and followed the tunnel until we saw a few short steps that had been carved into the wall, leading up to another tunnel. Grateful for the elevated tunnel, we made our way westward and followed it north.

We continued along the tunnel, making selection after selection regarding our path, and we felt we were headed to the west. Then came our next problem. We saw two kobolds, sitting along the wall, one on either side, facing each other. They had spears and they did not move. Grog tried to step over one, and it poked its spear at him once, then remained still. We watched Grog take another step and the kobold swung again. Mysty moved forward to help and when she did, the other kobold jabbed once at her. We had been dragged into a turn-based combat. For every move one of us does, one of the kobolds reacted with a move of its own.

Grog finally made redemption for himself as he maneuvered himself in between the two of them and on his turn, he grabbed each by the back of the head and knocked their heads together. The fight was over and the kobolds turned to dust and blew away. Ignoring the nagging haunting feeling, we decided to rest here for a few hours.

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