Adventurer’s Journal – Day 5:
We froze when we saw Four Fingers standing beside the now opened sarcophagus in the center of the chamber. He held within his hand the Pyro-Sylvanic Talisman; swinging it gently from a thin, silvery chain.

“Surprised to see me?” he asked. “It’s no matter. Where you left me to die, the powers that be intended me to live, and to obtain this fine prize!” He raised the Talisman high above his head. He continued, “You have been most helpful in aiding my quest to find this artifact. I must confess, without you I would not have made it through the catacombs to its resting place. I would not have had the decoy to draw the serpent from the chamber, leaving it unprotected. Nor would I have the sacrifice to appease the spirit of the Fell Wizard. But now…goodbye. I am sending you to the Gauntlet of Fylid’Dezor. It is rumored there is no escape from this maze, but there always appears to be hope. It is a lesson in futility.

With that, Four Fingers invoked the words written around the edge of the Talisman and we found ourselves dematerializing from the room and rematerializing in a large, square room.

We noticed there was one exit in the room’s east wall, but we wanted to be certain not to overlook anything. We started in one corner and searched the walls, high and low, for any hidden doors or loose stones. By the time we reached the end of the wall, we were convinced the eastern exit would be the only way out. After a short distance, the tunnel split into a north to south one. To our dismay, a floorplate depressed when Grog stepped on it, and we heard a few loud clicks and booms in the distance. A hole in the ceiling opened, about 2 feet in diameter, and a steady flow of water poured into the room. We were not in immediate danger, but we needed to leave, now, to keep that the case.

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