Adventurer’s Journal – Day 4:
As we tried to decide what we needed to do to obtain the Pyro-Sylvanic Talisman, we heard a single clink; the sound of a coin on a coin. We turned our heads to glare at Four Fingers, our thief, who was bent over a pile of coins. “What have you done?!” whispered Mysty, our cleric. Soon the walls of the room began to spin. Faster and faster they spun. The sarcophagus shook as a voice boomed out, “Intruders! You have come for a request but you take what does not belong to you! To prove your worth, you must endure the hidden ways of the Serpentine Tunnels! If you can find me at the end, I will forgive you of your crime, and will provide you with the Talisman that you seek.”

Once the walls stopped spinning, a tunnel opened up in the west wall. We began to slowly walk toward it. “You do not have much time!” boomed the voice as a hissing sound filled the air. We ran, and ran, and ran! It did not start off well for us. We started off running straight west, following a tunnel that turned sharply north. In our haste, we all ran into each other at a dead end. Poor Mysty was crushed between Grog and Pimzul, and had to catch her breath. We couldn’t rest for more than a moment though as we retraced our steps and made our way back along the tunnel to where we had missed the hole before. We glanced into the crypt as the other members of the party climbed through the hole. A large serpent was emerging from beneath the pile of coins. It had not yet started toward us, but would soon. We must hurry!

In a bout of unanticipated luck, we didn’t have a problem picking our way. Every choice was made within a moment as we headed north, and let the tunnels twist us in every direction. Perhaps the threat of death awakened in us a sense of guidance as our feet pressed us onward. We began moving southward and saw some rocks on the floor along the wall begin to move. We watched them a moment when a serpent’s head burst through with a hiss. Four Fingers screamed like a little girl as we ran on, winding along the tunnel to the north again. We knew it would take the serpent a while to breach the rocks with its entire body, but we made haste anyway.

For hours upon hours, we made our way northwest, twisting and turning as the tunnel led us. We felt we were deep in the dungeon when Four Fingers tripped on a large stone, and broke his ankle. “Leave me!” he exclaimed. I was the one to bring us to this! Run!”

And we ran, leaving him there to his fate as we made our way to our own fate. As we curved around a bend, we could smell stale air. Zig! Zag! Zig! Zag! We burst forth into the…same chamber we had come from? The sarcophagus remained in the center of the chamber, and Four Fingers stood before it, watching us enter. “Greetings,” were his words of welcome.

Thanks for reading! If you are interested, my novel Winter’s Bite is available on Kindle for $2.99 (or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers). Stay tuned for the next part of the misfit adventures tomorrow!


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