Adventurer’s Journal – Day 2:
We decided to go east, away from where those pesky kobolds came from, and when the tunnel turned south we found a small niche in the wall that hosted a shelf with several bottles of ointments. Our healer opened them, one by one, and smelled the contents, describing several medicines to heal our wounds.

We continued south for what seemed like weeks, but was probably closer to several hours. The temperature in here was getting colder but we were determined to find the crypt deep inside these catacombs. We came to yet another split in the tunnel. Gosh, couldn’t they make just one simple tunnel that led straight to the crypt that housed the body of the Fell Wizard and his Pyro-Sylvanic Talisman? We chose to turn south instead of continuing west.

Our decision appeared to pay off until we reached a major crossroad of tunnels. All four directions were represented, and our Elf mentioned that none felt shallow when he used his Elven senses to probe their distances. We were at a loss. Grog, who was feeling much better after his restful sleep, used his huge nose to sniff out any detectable elements from the four tunnels. He told us to move south. We asked why but he just pushed us south and continued on. I hate when he doesn’t tell us when he has a thought.

A few twists and turns southward led us to our next great challenge. The floor was covered in oil. All around. There wasn’t a place you could step that would avoid it. Crisscrossing the tunnel were strings. Strings attached to…torches above! Yikes! We would have to proceed with caution. One wrong move could snap a string and drop a torch onto the oil that waited below.

We had to decide which order to go in. Grog was the biggest, and was the clumsy one. If he went last, the rest of us may continue on, but he would be dead. If he went first, he may trigger the trap and prevent the rest of us from moving through. We’d have to find another way, and this seemed to be the right way, as protected as it was. We let Grog go first. He was very careful and made it through with no troubles, although he looked visibly relieved when he had reached the other side. The rest of us followed suit, one after another, and when we had continued east a ways, away from the trap, we decided to rest the night.

Thanks for reading! If you are interested, my novel Winter’s Bite is available on Kindle for $2.99 (or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers). Stay tuned for the next part of the misfit adventures tomorrow!


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