Adventurer’s Journal – Day 1:
We entered the darkened catacombs not knowing what to expect. Pimzul cast a light spell and it illuminated a small section of the rocky tunnels. We moved forward, our weapons at the ready as we wandered down the hall.

Shortly after entering the dank tunnels, we had a choice of directions to make. Grog, our barbarian, looked in the alcove to the south and found it to be a short hallway that did not continue. There was a makeshift bed on the ground and a few crumbs of bread, which were as hard and brittle as could be. Our decision was made as we continued east.

We moved only a short way east before the tunnel headed south and we followed it for a good while before it turned us around and around. Eventually, we made our way to another crossroads. Shelkiener, our elven scout, listened to the floor a moment to hear down both passageways. “Shel, get up,” Grog said. “Shh!” came Shelkiener’s reply. “I hear footsteps!” Grog patted him on the back and pointed south. “You mean them?” A fight ensued.

Well, judging from the fact that I am writing this, we must have survived. I won’t lie, we got a bit roughed up. Grog took a hit to the head that left him dazed for a while. Not that you can tell much difference. He’s a barbarian; he always looks dazed. But he didn’t fight much after that. Just sort of…sat around while we killed the kobolds that had assaulted us. There were three of them. They were no match for us, although they did get that lucky shot on Grog. Go figure. We rested to regain our strength.

Thanks for reading! If you are interested, my novel Winter’s Bite is available on Kindle for $2.99 (or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers). Stay tuned for the next part of the misfit adventures tomorrow!


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