Beyond the gates of Day and Night
Before the streets abound with fright
Until the darkness breeds despair
And sinister beguilings dare.
A cult, a band, of wicked beings
Lie in wait, morals receding
Covered in a cloaked disguise
So none this night be recognized.
“Ritual begins,
 Hidden within sacrifice
 Lust for power born.”
See the struggle of the girl
Bound in sackcloth sheets and pearls
Does not know what soon will be
As rope is lowered from the tree
Wrapped around a formless neck
Whimpering is softly heard
Quiet sobbing, call of birds
Waiting, human flesh to peck
“Now has come the time!
 To the darkness our deeds shine!
 Duty is fulfilled.”
Trick or treaters fill the street
Wide with shock are youthful eyes
Can’t be real, the mind denies
Can’t it? Is it? On this night.
Body rises upward, higher!
Chanting starts, and then the fire
Lighted, flailing, bright banshee!
Screaming “Happy Halloween!”
**Note: No people were actually harmed in this story except one of the actors (who was actually a local politician) who got his hand too close to the torch, and singed a few hairs. They did not really hang a girl or light her on fire. It was merely a contraption they had build to resemble a person for a Halloween scare. Thank you. Keep this or share it – you have a Robert Adkisson original!

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