Most people want to improve their lives. It’s human nature to seek more. More money. More love. More time. But not everyone agrees on what is considered making life better. Regardless of what you consider an improvement, the following affirmations can help you along your path.


1) “Despite my shortcomings, I am enough.”

None of us are flawless. Instead of focusing on what you arent able to do, reflect on what you are able to do. If there is something you are trying, unsuccessfully, to do, perhaps you are trying to do it the wrong way. Lean on your strengths to forge a new way to reach accomplish your goal.

2) “I will see in others a reflection of myself.”

Seeing yourself in others ensures that you leave pride and judgement at the door. You begin to see the good in them and you see less of the problems that divide.

3) “I will find opportunities behind closed doors.”

Many people will see a closed door as an opportunity that is gone. They will look for, or wait for, another to open. But instead of such a passive attitude, open doors to find opportunity. Make a point of seeking new opportunities and capitalize on them to better yourself.

4) “I will treat love as more than a feeling, I will treat it as a lifestyle of intentional choices.”

There are many kinds of love. The love of a parent, the love of a friend, the love of a physical nature, love for humanity. But to treat it only as an emotion, as a feeling, is selling it short. When we choose to love, even when we aren’t feeling it, we perfect love.

5) “I will drain the power from negativity and harness it to feed positive thoughts.”

Negativity will always hold us back from being who we want to be, or from doing what we want to do. But rather than just eliminating negativity from your life, be glad it has come, and then turn it into positivity.

6) “External influences have no power over me aside from that which I permit.”

Did you ever use the phrase “the devil made me do it” or something more simple, “but So-and-so made me do it.” No one really made you do it. They influenced you and you chose to do it. But you allowed them to influence you. You choose which influences you follow, so take responsibility for your actions. This also gives you the power to resist peer pressure. You do have a choice.

7) “If I can imagine it, it can be.”

Nothing is impossible. If you have faith, you can do anything. Not a token “faith” but the true knowledge that anything can be done, if there is enough will poured into it.

8) “The universe has power to share with me. I will accept its gift and use it wisely and reverently.”

There is energy all around us. All life gives off energy. People give off energy. Fire, rocks, water, air, all have their own energy they provide. And through a symbiotic relationship it lends us that power. But we should use it for the betterment of humanity and the world. To protect and renew. To end suffering and poverty. If we use it for selfish or evil proposes, we may find ourself out of favor.

9) “I show gratitude for all that happens to me.”

Gratitude and appreciation are two cornerstones of our existence. If we receive something and don’t really care about the giving of it, why should we expect to receive anything else? We can’t be ingrates and expect help. Now I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason (other than cause and effect). But when good things happen, we need to be glad for the blessing. And when bad things happen, be thankful for the chance to become stronger, to learn what not to do, to see how it affects other people.

10) “I will share my knowledge and beliefs with others, and will learn from their views, even if I do not agree with them.”

None of us know it all. Every one of us can learn. And that’s something we ought to do as humans. We can learn how other people think, how they reason, why they follow certain beliefs, and if we set pride aside, perhaps our own beliefs can evolve. It also shows respect for the other person, something we want people to do for us.

My charge to you is to repeat these 10 affirmations every morning for 30 days. Each morning, meditate on 1 affirmation and follow it for the day. Let me know how your life has changed from giving it a try! Blessings.


3 thoughts on “10 Phrases of Power for a Transformed Life

  1. You have no idea…I have found you and your post just at the right moment. I use affirmations daily and they are very effective on me, but it’s still very easy to forget and be overwhelmed…thank you!!


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