Today I had great plans! I was getting an earlier start! I was going to surge ahead with my word count! This was going to be the day to remember! But things didn’t quite go as planned. Okay, they pretty much didn’t go the way I had hoped at all. It wasn’t a bad day – just a bad NaNo day. I did manage to pick up another 1000 or so words, which brought my total up to 4400; 600 shy of my goal.

Which brings me to today’s nugget of NaNo wisdom – if you have a bad NaNo day, press on tomorrow. Don’t let it discourage you. You have a life, and writing is part of that life. But so are other things. And those other things just will not agree to leave for the month and come back in December. Balance (or a perseverance in carving out a chunk of time) is a must. But if one or two days are unbalanced, return the next day and regain your balance. That is all. I’m off to write!


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Day 3

    1. Great question! There are several reasons I choose to do NaNoWriMo. For one, it’s a challenge and it helps me to push ahead. Another reason is that during the month there is a community of others who are all pushing to do the same thing. We are able to hold each other accountable, encourage each other, share ideas and strategies, just be a part of each other’s writing process. Third, to prove that I can. The first time I tried was in 2013. I was successful, and it birthed the start of my first novel (which I have completed the writing but have yet to edit, heh). It made me feel like I accomplished something. And without it I would not have thought to write a full-length novel. I was content writing poetry here and there and a few short stories. Another reason I am choosing to do NaNoWriMo is because it gives me one month where I have the opportunity to focus on writing. I write year-round, but since I can not seem to get a solid routine, I’m able to lean on “It’s NaNo, I need some writing time, just for this month!”

      Plus, did I mention the community?

      I know there are non-NaNo communities for writing as well. I could challenge (or discipline) myself to write. I could prove that I can release a book, whether it’s NaNo or not. There are many other options, but this is one that I have found and enjoy. That’s why I do it. 🙂

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      1. Thanks for your thoughtful response! If you ever post the poetry you write the rest of the year I’d love to see it.

        I’d also love to hear about some of those non NaNo communities. I agree that having a writing community would be great (one of the very few reasons I think getting an MFA would be good), but I do not really see anything other than NaNo, which as I’ve said is something I can’t seem to get into and isn’t good for my genre anyway.


  1. On Facebook I have a few groups I’m part of (though more a lurker than anything). One is called Fiction Writers. It is fairly strict on following the rules but as long as you keep in line, it’s a great group of authors. I think there are just over 9k in the group now.

    Also, Rain Desert Review specializes in poetry and short stories. It’s quite active too, and there is a lot of good work I’ve seen come from there. With good feedback.

    That’s what I can think of for now, in addition to my region’s NaNo group. I hope you can find something that is of use to you! 🙂


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