Okay, today I had a word count goal of 3000 new words. I got another late start and only wound up with about 1600 words, but I’m still at a daily average of 1671 (4 above my average goal! Yippie! LOL!)

My challenge today was that I just was not home or available to write. Driving all over the area to apply for a job, shopping, cooking, and baking all detracted from my writing time. At this point it’s an annoyance, but not really a roadblock. If it becomes an issue, writing will have to take a more serious priority.

On to today’s tip…epiphany…advice to other NaNo participants. Don’t be too concerned with your word count for the first few days of NaNo. The first few days are here to allow you to bond with your story. If you’re working on a new story, you have no real connection to it. You have a great idea for what you want to do (or you may have no idea at all) but you are not yet intimate with the story. You don’t know each other yet. Take these first days to build that closeness.

Don’t start at the beginning. Start at a place in the story that is easiest for you to write right now. That’s what will get you to bond with your story, and once you are feeling that connection, then go back and write the opening chapters.

Have fun! Until tomorrow!

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