Chasey stayed in her room for just over two weeks. The trauma of what she saw, and what she learned, would not let go of her. Nightmares while she slept, and flashbacks while awake, prevented her from living a normal life.

After rushing back to her home after discovering the dead constable, she told her mother all that had been happening. She told her about the Impaler, the drink her father had elected to serve to an occasional customer. She told of the old man, Sturrin, and his obsession with the drink. And of his disappearance, the constable, the drowning, and now the murder. She also told her mother that her father had gone to consult with his source.

Lena sighed and stared off into the distance, beyond her daughter’s presence. “Oh my,” she trailed off. The older woman closed her eyes and Chasey could see a conflict of emotions warring beneath the skin on her face.

“Chasey, let me tell you about your father,” spoke Lena in a nurturing voice as she patted the bed beside her.


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