Entering the Mindset to Write
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So you’ve decided you want to do some writing. It doesn’t matter if it is a novel, an essay, a blog article, or anything else. You’re determined to do it. So you sit yourself down. Grab the writer’s lifeblood, a mug of steaming coffee, and raise it to your lips in toast to the Lord of Prose. You set it down and pick up your pen, your hand hovering over the paper (or you open your word processing software, fingers hovering over the keyboard), and you stare.

The stare has been made great by many professions, but none have it mastered like the writer. That blank page or screen before you, luring you into its trance, daring you to write the garbage that will stream forth from your mind. It taunts you and you just stare. The longer you stare the deeper you are buried. You really want to do this! There HAS to be a way out! Blink! Breathe!

Okay wait. Time out. Stand up and come with me. No, leave your coffee at the table. Take my hand and we’ll be off.

I’m going to take you on a mystical journey; the journey into the Mindset to Write. Take a deep breath, shut your eyes, count to three. Visualize it, a shimmering lake of purple energy. Ready? I pick you up and throw you into the middle of the lake. You are immersed, and the world around you dissintigrates.

Welcome to the Mindset to Write. Do you see these images here before you? These are the topics I have pulled from your mind. These are the things you need to write. Examine them. Turn them around, look at them from all angles. Do you see something you didn’t notice before? If not, you’d best look again.

Now that you know what you need to write, how do you feel? No, really…how do you feel? Are you happy? Angry? Scared, hungry, tired or cold? In love? Yes, you are certainly one of these or a similar emotion. That emotion is your ink. You will use it to fill your pen and draft words of greatness, phrases of power!

Here’s the kicker though. Getting into the Mindset to Write is an illusion! It only exists until you realize that you are always in the mindset to write. You just need to match your emotion to your list of tasks and find the right match. When you do that you realize that the words will fill the page and you will accomplish your goal to write.

For example, I have a novel outlined. At this point there are about 57 chapters, but that will certainly change before I’m done. Each chapter is broken up into individual events. If I need to write for my novel, I take stock of how I’m feeling. I’m angry! I need to write a battle scene, or an argument scene. Or some scene where something bad needs to happen. I’m tired, so that may be a good time to write something with lots of long detail. I’ll be editing it anyway, so if I ramble a first draft out, that’s not a problem. What if I’m feeling confused? Write a passage that is supposed to mess with your reader’s mind. In Winter’s Bite, I have one chapter especially that has a very Alice in Wonderland feel to it. Reading it for the first time after writing it, I thought “where did this come from? What is even happening here?!” But it works out!

If you are having a hard time matching how you feel to what you need to write, there are a couple things you can do to remedy that. First, you can create new scenes to write. Scenes that will match your mood. If you’re angry, create a new battle scene in the story. You don’t even need to use it, as long as you write it. Second, you can do something to put yourself in a mood that matches well with a scene that needs to be written. Need to write a steamy night scene for your romance novel? Go have some fun, climb off your partner, and head to the writing desk! Third, you can always meditate to
alter your state of mind. You may become more calm and able to focus on which scenes need to be written.


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