Chasey and her father returned to the tavern at his insistence. Not a word was spoken between them once her initial outburst of objection had faded away. She reluctantly agreed but she was not through with this.
Ritov ushered her into a room at the back of the tavern and spoke to her.
“Chasey, it is very important that you speak not a word of this to anyone. Not the constable, not even your mother. This is between us for now but I promise I will be looking into what has happened. I have an idea…a source…” his voice trailed off.
Chasey shook her head. She knew what he meant by the source and it tore her apart to know that it was available to them.
“Papa, no! It’s not a good idea. You know what it will ask of you.”
Ritov smiled sadly, his eyes distant. “It is the only way to know for certain, Chasey.”
“I cared for Sturrin too, Papa, but this is not worth the price!” she urged. “Please, let’s find another way!”
Her father kissed her on the forehead and told her to lock up early tonight, once the dinner rush was over. Chasey sulked in the room for the better part of an hour once he had left. Nothing good would come from the source from which her father meant to inquire. Chasey was genuinely afraid.
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