Darkness and light mingle as the world turns. Until time ends they continue – one taunting the other, casting shadows on all they cover and encompass.

You seek a stable foundation of love, yet you seek the changing of the structure built upon it. We can provide you with the foundation that remains, but you may get bored with it. We can provide you with an ever-transforming structure, but you will never know what to expect next, and can be bitterly disappointed for a time. But we can not give you both. Although light and dark may seem to mingle and coexist, and create the shadowy effects, they can not. For one is the absence of the other.

Such is the way of order and chaos. Expectations shatter this dream of undying love, for you desire too much. For if your expectations were lowered, would you not be robbing yourself? Would you not be settling for less, only to regret your wishes after a time? Would this not kill the love you give, making it non-undying love? Yes, we have no bananas. Yes, you are correct in assuming that we do not have this thing you desire…this undying love you desire.

For to one, our world can be a better place if we partook in the privilege of recycling. Reusing the materials that we have been given, granted, and gaining the benefit of years of service. We begin within the house, recycling those things we are able to, and we expand to our neighborhoods. A bond is formed. A bond, linking those of us who care, together. Unifying ourselves as one, while we fight the war against overbearance. For it is not an unvengeful thing, per se. It seeks to devour us from this planet – it’s planet. In fury it strikes at us, causing divisions, causing strife. Causing unparalleled excuses for random acts of senselessness and decay. All to rid this world of the curse of us. As we struggle to retain this unity, recycling all the way, recycling…

Perhaps we should take it in. Draw in this overbearance qua friend and not foe. Show it unending love, so that that it too will feel the warmth of emotion. Let its concerns be with laughter and not vengeance. With shadowy grief, and not insanity amidst strife. With an auspicious future rather than the dank and callous fields of fallen Valkyries, swimming – no, struggling – in the currents of the air, to regain their thrones and swords. Hopelessly lost in time and time. For them it is too late. The shadows fall on the mirror vis-à-vis the darkness in real life falls. Coughing up blood as its lungs collapse inward. An implosion occurs, and then I am greeted by undying love.


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