Chasey was baffled by the discovery that Sturrin was not in the jail. Her dream felt like it was telling her something. A warning perhaps? That was it! He wasn’t in jail yet, but may be soon. She had to find the old man and ask him what was going on.
“Where to look,” she mumbled into the late morning air. Those words came to her mind again, “Water trough.” She rushed off to find the nearest one.
It was about fifteen minutes before she arrived. She found it on the other side of the Magisterial District, just outside the stables at the guardhouse. Chasey made sure she looked nonchalant as she strolled closer to the trough to investigate. It looked normal. The water was clean, aside from a few leaves floating in one corner. She sat on a stone wall and kept her eyes and ears open for a few minutes, just to see if she noticed anything out of place. She didn’t, and after a while decided to return to the tavern.
She noticed a man following her from a distance; he had been ever since she had left the water trough. She turned into an alleyway and quickly down another in hopes of deterring the stranger from following her further. Although she did not see him again, she headed toward the tavern via backstreets and alleyways with many hiding places.
About two blocks from the tavern, she noticed a familiar feature in one alleyway – a small water trough. Stepping closer, revulsion gripped at her as she discovered something she hadn’t expected to see.
Please feel free to follow my blog, share it with friends, and leave any comments regarding this new series. Feedback on writing style, content, word choice, or anything else related will help me to provide better literature as the story unfolds. Part 5 will come out Friday or Saturday. Thanks a lot!


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