Several more nights went by with Sturrin coming in, placing his order, and leaving when rejected. Chasey watched for him this night, expecting to see him come for his drink. An hour passed, then two, but still no Sturrin. She began to feel nervous, but continued waiting for the old man. When he did not show up by closing time, she knew something was wrong. Laying herself down in bed, she drifted off to a restless sleep.

She did not dream, but her sleep was broken. Several times throughout the night she woke with a start, dripping with sweat and breathing hard as if waking from a nightmare. Only there was no nightmare. She was glad when the sun began to lighten the day, as now she could get up and be free from the confines of her useless slumber.


Please feel free to follow my blog, share it with friends, and leave any comments regarding this new series. Feedback on writing style, content, word choice, or anything else related will help me to provide better literature as the story unfolds. Part 3 will come out tomorrow. Thanks a lot!


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