The winds of destiny behold the coming of the day –
The day when all will be fulfilled, and nothing left undone.
Time awaits the day of its death;
An irony that is seldom understood.

The Chosen Few, the disciples of this day, stand ready.
The rest go on living their lives, devoid of meaning.
The sun rises, crosses the sky, then disappears for a time.
Yet it always returns.

But it shall not always be so.
For one day the sun will fail to rise,
And the earth will remain darkened.
The mirror will then be revealed,
Showing the true nature of the souls of those who wander the Earth.
They will realize what darkness is,
And that they now walk in it.

But it will be too late. Far too late.
Time tried to warn them.
The sun tried to warn them.
Even the Chosen Few warned them of what was to come,
But they did not listen.
And now the day of separation has come to claim its prize.

From the wings of darkness drip fury.
Its shattered claws rain misery upon the Earth,
And none can stop it.
Few try, but none can stop it.

Many hide, but where can one hide from darkness?
When light is no longer upon the world
All is in darkness.
No matter where you are
All is in darkness.
No matter who you are
All is in darkness.

And those in darkness seek to end this suffering,
Yet it eludes them, it escapes.
For death itself is hidden in the darkness.
It can not find those it seeks;
It can not reach those who seek it.
It gives up for a time, for it has just claimed time.
It naps in the darkness enveloping it.
It knows that time will pass through it
And time will return.
Return to prolong the misery of all who rejoiced in its death.
For time is a cruel, cruel master;
A cruel master whose revenge will last forever.


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