Time brands its mark upon a scathing world –
in anger man marches against the
of time.
Nations against cultures against ways…
One place can all nations get along
One place can all countries receive treatment fair
One may order the Waffle that brings all people to an equal playing field
No one is better than another
No one is worse than the next
All are the same.
That waffle has brought peace for an hour,
Two if the coffee stays warm;
Two if the coffee stays warm.
For even the polar bear,
Should he possess the money,
Will be welcomed here for the waffle.
Peace between men.
Peace between nations.
Peace between all life.
This waffle; this angelic waffle
Gives hope to the destitute of this world;
So long as the polar bear comes with this purpose in mind, as well.
And isn’t this what all want?
A chance…an opportunity to live, to love, to laugh…
The waffle…
The end for this syrup-coated item.
I hop to the next 7am for another chance
To create this world peace.


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