Sandstone foundations on which to build.
Shadowy people, ghosts of what was.
Mystifying wonders contained within my hand.

Foundation cracks, the sandstone is weak.
Shadows, they laugh, the maddened ghosts call.
Wonders grow dull, sorrow the voices demand.

No one cares, forlorn
No one sees, unborn
No one tries, exist
Blaze of life, desist

Rafters of rotting wood hold up the roof.
Phantoms singing sweet melodies that I can not hear.
Joys of life I throw now into the void.

The building collapses, its echoes they crash.
Lonely oppression surrounds me again.
Embracing the misery that I can not seem to avoid.

No one cares, forlorn
No one sees, unborn
No one tries, exist
Blaze of life, desist

Copyright ©2001 Robert Adkisson


9 thoughts on “Mourningveil

    1. I’m more than happy to answer. This was written at a time in my life where I was very lonely. I was 25 and had never had a girlfriend, nor been on a date. I was depressed and a fairly negative person. I wouldn’t have it any other way though because it has helped to shape my words.

      With this poem I was playing around with form. I was trying to hide things in plain sight and it just turned out to all fit together. It must have been some higher power of creativity that spoke through me, as it is one of my favorite of all my poems. Certainly in the top three.

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      1. I didn’t know anything about “Reposting a blog” – so I decided to test it! Actually I would love to repost your poetry on My Desert Love blog – the one that I actually work on and get views. If this is something that interests you.


      2. Wow – so exciting. Do you have an image? I can put together a guest bio with image to end your poetry post with. If you have taken a gander at one of my guest posts – I try to make it really evident of the source, links and support to your blog. Sorry I wish I could offer any compensation, but I am really new at this and doing this all on my own – learning it all as I go along.


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