Hello, and welcome to the Author’s Workshop, a place where all are encouraged to explore (or discover) the author within themselves.

I am currently in the process of writing a new fantasy series of novels. The first book, titled Winter’s Bite, has been written but is still in the editing phase. I’ve begun writing the second book, and will make regular updates soon.

Please¬†use the menu to navigate the different sections of my website. I encourage feedback, both positive to feed my ego and constructive criticism to help me improve my writing. But if you don’t have something honest to say, best not to say anything at all.

This blog is a separate entity from my novels, and is being used to share my writing tips, poetry, short stories, and flash fiction. I have included a donation link below, just in case anyone has the sudden urge to share some of their hard-earned money to help me cover startup costs associated with becoming a new author (editing, cover design, etc.). Absolutely no obligation, but if you donate you can brag to all your friends how you helped the next great fantasy novelist get his start, haha!

Thank you for your time, for your support, for your advice, and for simply visiting my blog. Keep (or start) writing and share your story with the world!